Baked Panko Parmesan Encrusted Cod

Quick and easy oven baked cod fillets that's delicious and healthy!



olive oil

(frozen) cod fillets

parmesan cheese

panko crumbs

kosher salt pepper garlic powder

Let's make some oven baked cod!

Add oil to the panko bread crumbs and evenly mix it in. Put the panko on a baking sheet to toast.

Panko should be nicely toasted in about 5 minutes! Doing this will ensure a golden brown panko crust.

Now mix the toasted panko, grated parmesan, kosher salt, garlic powder and pepper seasoning together.

Dry the cod fillets,  and dredge them in the egg batter. This will help the parmesan panko crust stay on better!

Coat the cod fillets evenly by pressing them firmly into the seasoned toasted panko and parmesan crust.

Oven bake the cod fillets at 400 degrees fahrenheit for about 10 minutes, or until cod is cooked through.

Serve with sliced lemon wedges, optional parsley leave garnish and some tartar sauce! Enjoy!

healthy and delicious!

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