Let's make Ca Ri Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Curry)

A flavorful and aromatic coconut and lemon grass based chicken curry.


fish sauce curry garlic shallot turmeric salt chicken lemongrass

coconut soda coconut milk potatoes

How to Make Ca Ri Ga

Prep your ingredients. Chop the shallot and lemongrass. Marinade the chicken for at least 1 hour.

Sear the chicken to get a nice golden color.

Add the chicken, water and coconut soda to a stock pot and take it to a boil.

Sear the potatoes to prevent them from breaking in the curry!

Add the potatoes to the stock pot and then add the coconut milk and cook until done!

Serve the Vietnamese chicken curry with some baguette and a side of salt and pepper for dipping!

Delicious and authentic!